Sky Pharmacy: Save Your Time and Money!

Each person goes to a pharmacy to purchase the necessary medicines at least once a month.

Catching an infection is very easy, especially in winter. But when the cost of drugs becomes too high, one often has to search for cheaper options because not everyone is able to pay for the necessary purchases. What to do in such cases? Our website will be an excellent solution to this problem.

Sky Pharmacy

Why Choose Sky Pharmacy?

More and more customers prefer ordering drugs through our website because we have undeniable advantages. First of all, we offer lower prices and quality drugs. It was very difficult to combine these factors together but now it has become possible. Everyone can choose medications from a huge list of products and then pay for them online. All this has become possible thanks to the introduction of attractive discounts and special loyal offers that are relevant for both regular and new customers.

When ordering drugs Rx in our online pharmacy, you free yourself from the need to go to a drugstore, stand in a queue, spend a significant amount of moany. Delivery of goods is carried out at home, which will certainly be appreciated by older people. Terms of payment and delivery always remain transparent to all customers, so there is no need to worry or think about anything.

Search for drugs and their comparison takes just a few minutes. The convenient site navigation will help you quickly find the needed products and save a lot of time. But if you have any difficulties or questions, you can always get online consultation from our managers via email or phone. You can also ask a question using a contact form on the website. Caring attitude to each customer is one of the main advantages of our store.

Our Specialization: Generics

We specialize in the sale of generic medication for various conditions. These are drugs that have the same active ingredient and efficiency as the original (brand-name) medication. The only difference is the lower cost. Each branded drug that you have seen a lot in advertisements necessarily has its own generic. You might think that this is a fake but here you are completely wrong. Generics have nothing to do with this category of goods or generally with any form of violation of the law. Companies have a license to produce such products, and their chemical composition is equivalent to the drug that serves as a real brand.

Many customers wonder why generics are so cheap. The thing is that generic manufacturers use the ready formula when producing generics. They do not have to think about the costs associated with clinical trials or advertising. This is the main reason for the low cost of generics. However, such drugs are as effective as the branded ones. The company must necessarily prove that its equipment fully complies with FDA industry standards. Therefore, you can visit our online store, buy a generic drug without fear of anything. Here you can find the most effective and high-quality drugs, the guarantee of which is confirmed by relevant certificates.

Buying generics from Sky Pharmacy is not only the key to your savings but also peace of mind for your own health.

Quality Control

Our company bears special responsibility for the goods it sells. It is important for us to create an effective system for monitoring the quality of medicines from the moment they enter the pharmacy.

All pharmaceutical products available in our Internet store are certified and have accompanying documentation for compliance with the requirements of Georgia prescription drug monitoring and other Georgia rules regulating the sale of medicines. The terms and conditions of storage and sale of goods are strictly observed. Besides, we are approved by the Georgia Pharmacy Association, the Medical Association of Georgia and the Georgia composite board

We work with the largest trusted distributors and manufacturers. This ensures the supply of exceptionally high quality and genuine medicines.

We can, at the request of the buyer, provide information on the origin of any drug, as well as all documents confirming the quality and authenticity.

Our Benefits

Home Delivery

If you feel bad tired or just have no time to go to a regular drugstore, the courier will deliver the necessary medicines to the specified address. You can even get free shipping if you order medications in bulk

Rich Assortment

Our online pharmacy offers a wider range of medications. Here you can find even the drug that is not available in your city. In a word, here you can buy even rare and specific drugs that have just appeared on the pharmacological market

Online Consultation

This additional service will help you get information on payment methods, delivery time, drug assortment. Our pharmacists are experienced and licensed so you have a perfect opportunity to get a specialist’s opinion without leaving the house and FOR FREE


When ordering drugs Rx in Sky Pharmacy online, you do not need to tale to a pharmacist’s face to face. This is especially important when you need some drugs for intimate issues. Besides, we ship all orders in discreet packages and no one except you will know what you have ordered

Bonuses and Discounts

We offer regular bonuses, discounts and promotions to our customers. When using our website, you save a considerable amount of money and the same time get high-quality and tested pharmaceutical products

Lowest Price Guarantee

The main advantage of shopping in our online pharmacy is that you pay only the net value of the medication, while costs in regular city pharmacies include the expenses on the large staff and the rental area