The U.S. Wants to Regulate Drug Prices

One of the key points of the campaign programs of both US presidential candidates was the regulation of prescription drug prices through Medicare, the national health insurance system for Americans over 65, people with disabilities and those with a number of chronic diseases. Thus, Medicare covers 44 million Americans most vulnerable to serious illness, or […]

What is Electronic Prescribing?

In many countries, much attention has been paid to automating of electronic prescriptions. The electronic prescription is used for the effective exchange of information on the dispensing of medications to each resident and the formation of a database on their distribution. It is done for subsequent analysis and administrative decisions. Electronic prescriptions can be written […]

What to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy?

There are so many aspects to know about online pharmacies. This service has gained and is still gaining popularity among people from all over the world. Our staff has specified several issues to pay attention to when ordering medications online. 3 Issues about online pharmacies The first question is about how online pharmacies operate. The […]

Where to Buy Cheap Prescription Drugs Online?

Ordering medications from online pharmacies is a perfect way to save money. This is similar to booking meds, but online pharmacies do not have their own trading floors. The prices in such drugstores are usually lower because they do not pay for the rental of trading floors and also sell inexpensive generics. What are generics? […]

How to Become a Pharmacy Tech?

A pharmacy technician belongs to specialists with higher medical and pharmaceutical education. Today we will overview the duties of this health care provider and ways to become a pharmacy tech. What does a pharmacy technician do? A pharmacy technician is engaged in the manufacture and production of medicines in manufacturing pharmacies, pharmaceutical plants and factories. […]

MAG Foundation supports Rx drug abuse awareness video contest

Today, Attorney General Sam Olens announced the winners of the “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” video contest aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse among teens at George Walton Comprehensive High School (Walton) in Marietta. The winning video was produced by Walton students Adam Schimdt and Vaughn Smith. The runner-up was produced by River Ridge High […]

Metro universities curb prescription drug abuse

ATLANTA – The Medical Association of Georgia Foundation is launching a ‘Higher Education TAKE-BACK Initiative’ to combat prescription drug abuse by funding drug drop boxes that will be placed on colleges and universities in the state. This program is part of the ‘Think About It’ campaign to reduce prescription drug abuse in Georgia. The TAKE-BACK […]

AMA Board Chair to discuss opioid prescribing on TopDocs Radio

Patrice A. Harris, M.D., M.A., the chair of the American Medical Association’s (AMA) Board of Trustees and the chair of AMA’s Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse, will discuss the steps that AMA is taking to address the nation’s opioid drug abuse epidemic as well as the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 […]

Opioids linked with deaths other than overdoses, study says

CHICAGO (AP) — Accidental overdoses aren’t the only deadly risk from using powerful prescription painkillers — the drugs may also contribute to heart-related deaths and other fatalities, new research suggests. Among more than 45,000 patients in the study, those using opioid painkillers had a 64 percent higher risk of dying within six months of starting […]

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