Margaret Rodgers

Margaret joined Trusted Tablets in February 2015. After growing up in Seatle, living all over the U.S., and 5 countries worldwide, she went to pharmacy school at the University of California. She has been working in Pharmacy since 2011 and loves working with patients to optimize their medication needs. In her spare time, Margaret spending time with her friends, playing the piano, traveling or swimming in the pool.

Brittany Thompson

Brittany was born in Toronto but grew up in New York, TX. She has been a pharmacist with Trusted Tablets for almost 6 years and before that she was with Rite Aid. Prior to becoming a pharmacist, Brittany was a Certified Pharmacy Technician for 2 years. Brittany’s focus is on asthma medication and general health. What she enjoys most about working with our company is the ability to have more in-depth online counseling sessions with patients and being able to offer more treatment options. Her hobbies include playing sports, traveling, shopping, meeting with friends and going to the cinema.

George Lee

George graduated from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy in 2010. Originally from Tennessee, he grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. When not working, George enjoys traveling and taking his dog (Mollie) on adventures.

Our Benefits

Home Delivery

If you feel bad tired or just have no time to go to a regular drugstore, the courier will deliver the necessary medicines to the specified address. You can even get free shipping if you order medications in bulk

Rich Assortment

Our online pharmacy offers a wider range of medications. Here you can find even the drug that is not available in your city. In a word, here you can buy even rare and specific drugs that have just appeared on the pharmacological market

Online Consultation

This additional service will help you get information on payment methods, delivery time, drug assortment. Our pharmacists are experienced and licensed so you have a perfect opportunity to get a specialist’s opinion without leaving the house and FOR FREE


When ordering drugs Rx in Sky Pharmacy online, you do not need to tale to a pharmacist’s face to face. This is especially important when you need some drugs for intimate issues. Besides, we ship all orders in discreet packages and no one except you will know what you have ordered

Bonuses and Discounts

We offer regular bonuses, discounts and promotions to our customers. When using our website, you save a considerable amount of money and the same time get high-quality and tested pharmaceutical products

Lowest Price Guarantee

The main advantage of shopping in our online pharmacy is that you pay only the net value of the medication, while costs in regular city pharmacies include the expenses on the large staff and the rental area