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Brief Overview of Acticin

Acticin, also known by its generic name permethrin, is a topical cream used to treat scabies and head lice. Scabies is a contagious skin condition caused by mites burrowing into the skin, resulting in intense itching and a pimple-like rash. Head lice infestations are common among children and are characterized by the presence of tiny insects on the scalp.

Key Points:

  • Acticin is a topical medication
  • It is used to treat scabies and head lice
  • The active ingredient is permethrin

Acticin works by paralyzing and killing the mites or lice, effectively treating the infestation. It is typically applied to the affected areas of the skin and left on for a specified period before washing off. Acticin is available in different strengths and formulations, so it is important to follow the recommended dosage and application instructions provided by your healthcare provider.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), permethrin, the active ingredient in Acticin, is considered safe and effective for the treatment of scabies and head lice. It is widely used by dermatologists and healthcare professionals for its efficacy in eliminating these parasitic infestations.
For more information about Acticin and its uses, you can visit the CDC website or consult with your healthcare provider for personalized guidance.

Common Medications Used by Dermatologists

When it comes to treating various skin conditions, dermatologists rely on a range of medications to address different issues. Here are some of the common medications used by dermatologists:

1. Topical Corticosteroids

Topical corticosteroids are a mainstay in dermatology and are used to reduce inflammation, itching, and redness in conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. They work by suppressing the immune response in the skin.

2. Retinoids

Retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A and are commonly used to treat acne, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. They work by increasing cell turnover and promoting the growth of new, healthy skin cells.

3. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are often prescribed to treat bacterial infections in the skin, such as acne or cellulitis. They can be applied topically or taken orally, depending on the severity of the infection.

4. Antifungals

Antifungals are used to treat fungal infections of the skin, such as ringworm or yeast infections. They work by killing the fungus or inhibiting its growth.

It is important to note that the choice of medication depends on the specific skin condition being treated and the individual patient’s needs. Dermatologists may also recommend a combination of medications for optimal results.


Acticin $10,09 per pill

Active Ingredient:Permethrin


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Evidence supporting the effectiveness of Acticin

Acticin, also known as Permethrin, is a widely used medication in dermatology for treating various skin conditions caused by parasites such as scabies and lice. The efficacy of Acticin is well-documented through multiple research studies and clinical trials.

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Furthermore, a meta-analysis of various clinical trials supported the effectiveness of Acticin in eradicating scabies and lice infestations, making it a preferred choice for dermatologists worldwide.

It is important to note that individual responses to Acticin may vary, and it is crucial to consult a healthcare provider before using the medication to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Availability of Acticin on e-pharmacies at a low cost

Acticin, also known by its generic name permethrin, is a commonly prescribed medication for treating various skin conditions such as scabies and head lice. This medication is widely used by dermatologists due to its effectiveness in eliminating parasites and providing relief from itching and irritation.

If you are considering purchasing Acticin, you may be pleased to know that this medication is readily available on e-pharmacies at a low cost. E-pharmacies offer the convenience of shopping for medications online and often provide competitive prices compared to traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

When searching for Acticin on e-pharmacies, it is essential to ensure that you are purchasing from a reputable and licensed online pharmacy to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the medication. Look for e-pharmacies that require a prescription to ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment for your skin condition.

By purchasing Acticin from e-pharmacies, you can benefit from the convenience of online shopping and potentially save money on your medication costs. Additionally, e-pharmacies may offer discounts or promotions that can further reduce the price of Acticin, making it a cost-effective option for treating skin conditions.

For more information on Acticin availability and pricing, you can visit reliable online pharmacies such as HealthWarehouse or Walgreens online pharmacy to compare prices and explore your options for purchasing Acticin.

Benefits of using Acticin for skin conditions

Acticin, also known by its generic name Permethrin, is a medication commonly prescribed by dermatologists for treating various skin conditions, including scabies and lice infestations. There are several key benefits associated with using Acticin for these conditions:

1. Effective treatment

Acticin is highly effective in eliminating scabies mites and lice, making it a go-to option for dermatologists when managing these conditions. The medication works by paralyzing and killing the parasites that cause the infestations, providing relief from itching and discomfort.

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2. Safe and well-tolerated

Acticin is considered safe and well-tolerated for most individuals when used as directed by a healthcare professional. It is generally recommended for adults and children, including infants older than 2 months, making it a versatile treatment option for the whole family.

3. Convenient application

The cream formulation of Acticin makes it convenient and easy to apply directly to the affected areas of the skin. Dermatologists often recommend following specific instructions for application, such as leaving the cream on for a specified amount of time before rinsing off, to ensure optimal effectiveness.

4. Minimal side effects

Acticin typically has minimal side effects, with the most common being mild skin irritation or itching at the application site. These side effects are usually temporary and resolve on their own without the need for additional treatment.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, Acticin has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of scabies, with a cure rate of over 95% when used as directed. The study also reported a low rate of adverse effects associated with the medication.

Overall, Acticin is a trusted and effective treatment option for various skin conditions, offering relief from symptoms and helping to eradicate infestations. It is important to follow the guidance of a healthcare provider when using Acticin and to adhere to recommended application instructions for optimal results.


Acticin $10,09 per pill

Active Ingredient:Permethrin


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Importance of Following Acticin Cream Shelf Life Guidelines

Ensuring proper storage and adherence to the shelf life guidelines of Acticin cream is crucial to maintaining its effectiveness and safety for use. As with any medication, Acticin cream has a shelf life, beyond which its efficacy and potency may be compromised. Here are key points to consider when handling Acticin cream:

1. Check Expiration Date:

  • Always check the expiration date on the Acticin cream packaging before use. Using expired medication can result in reduced effectiveness or potential harmful effects on the skin.

2. Store Properly:

  • Store Acticin cream at room temperature and away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures as it may degrade the active ingredients.

3. Keep Packaging Intact:

  • Ensure that the packaging of Acticin cream is sealed and intact. Do not use if the packaging is damaged or compromised in any way.

4. Discard Expired Cream:

  • If Acticin cream has expired or is past its shelf life, safely dispose of it following local guidelines for medication disposal. Do not use expired cream on the skin.
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By following these guidelines, you can maximize the effectiveness of Acticin cream and maintain its quality for safe use on various skin conditions. For further information on proper storage and handling of Acticin cream, consult reputable sources such as the FDA website.

Instructions on how to Properly Use Acticin/Elimite Cream

When using Acticin or Elimite cream for treating scabies or other skin conditions, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Here are the steps to properly use Acticin/Elimite cream:

Step 1: Preparation

Before applying the cream, it is crucial to clean the affected area thoroughly with soap and water. Pat the skin dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Application

Squeeze out a sufficient amount of Acticin or Elimite cream onto your hands and apply it evenly to the affected areas. This includes the skin from the neck down to the soles of the feet. Be sure to cover all the affected areas with a thin layer of the cream.

Step 3: Massage into the Skin

Gently massage the cream into the skin until it is fully absorbed. Avoid washing or rinsing the treated areas immediately after application as it may reduce the effectiveness of the medication.

Step 4: Timed Application

Leave the cream on the skin for the prescribed amount of time as directed by your healthcare provider. Typically, Acticin or Elimite cream is left on for 8 to 14 hours before washing it off.

Step 5: Rinse Off

After the recommended time has passed, wash off the cream thoroughly with warm water. Use a mild soap to remove any residue from the skin.

Step 6: Additional Treatments

If necessary, your healthcare provider may recommend a second treatment with Acticin or Elimite cream after a certain period to ensure complete eradication of the infestation.

Step 7: Precautions

To prevent reinfestation, wash all clothing, bedding, and towels in hot water and dry them in high heat. Vacuum carpets and furniture to remove any potential mites.
By following these steps and guidelines provided by your healthcare provider, you can effectively treat scabies or other skin conditions with Acticin or Elimite cream.
For more detailed information on the proper use of Acticin and Elimite cream, refer to the official prescribing information provided by the manufacturer.
Remember to always consult your healthcare provider before starting any treatment regimen and follow their instructions closely for the best results.
– Scabies Treatment: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC
– Acticin/Elimite Prescribing Information: Manufacturer Website

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