$13K & climbing: Help MAG’s CEO raise $25K for MAG Foundation effort to reduce Rx drug abuse

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is encouraging member physicians and other individuals and corporate sponsors to support MAG Executive Director Donald J. Palmisano Jr. and outside legal counsel Trey Reese (with Hall Booth Smith) with a donation when they run a 200-mile race to raise $25,000 for the MAG Foundation’s ‘Think About It’ campaign to reduce prescription drug abuse in the state. The fundraising goal was recently increased from $10,000 to $25,000 given an overwhelming response in the first week. Palmisano and Reese will each run 100 miles during the Umstead Endurance Race that will take place near Raleigh, North Carolina on March 28-29. Sponsors can support the duo – aka ‘Team Think About It’ – with a flat donation or a per-mile pledge. Palmisano has personally pledged $1,000, and 100% of all donations will go to the ‘Think About It’ campaign. Contact Lori Cassity Murphy at lmurphy@mag.org or 678.303.9282 with questions.

‘Team Think About It’ Goal: $25,000

‘Team Think About It’ Amount Raised: $13,975*
Endurance Sponsors ($2,000)

Hall Booth Smith ($2,500)

Georgia Pharmacy Association ($2,000)
Steven M. Walsh, M.D. ($2,000)

Marathon Sponsors ($1,000)

Jack M. Chapman Jr., M.D. ($1,000)
E. Dan DeLoach, M.D. ($1,000)
Donald J. Palmisano Jr. ($1,000)

Half-Marathon Sponsors ($500)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia ($500)
John Coggins III Foundation ($500)
Donna Palmisano ($500)

Individual Sponsors

W. Scott Bohlke, M.D. ($100)
Don Bolia ($100)
Kate Boyenga ($200)
Liza Chapman ($100)
Nicki Ernandez ($200)
Donna T. Glass ($200)
Mandi Jackson ($25)
Lori Cassity Murphy ($100)
Mark Kishel, M.D. ($100)
Tom Kornegay ($200)
Travis Lindley ($200)
Jamie & Sandra Laskowski ($100)
Chris Lepore ($200)
Julie McGill, M.D. ($200)
Samuel Olens ($100)
Robert Osburn ($50)
Matthew Otten ($200)
Robyn Palmisano and Donald Palmisano, M.D. ($100)
Mary Ellen B. Palmisano ($100)
Andrew Reisman, M.D. ($200)
Victoria Salzman ($100)
Karl Schultz, M.D. ($200)
Robert Seligson ($200)
James L. Smith Jr., M.D. ($100)

* As of February 12

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