Metro universities curb prescription drug abuse

ATLANTA – The Medical Association of Georgia Foundation is launching a ‘Higher Education TAKE-BACK Initiative’ to combat prescription drug abuse by funding drug drop boxes that will be placed on colleges and universities in the state. This program is part of the ‘Think About It’ campaign to reduce prescription drug abuse in Georgia.

The TAKE-BACK program will include several key components, including…

  • Funding prescription drug drop boxes that will placed on Georgia State University campuses in Atlanta, Clarkston, Covington, Decatur and Dunwoody; Kennesaw State University in Marietta; Morehouse College in Atlanta; and the University of West Georgia in Carrollton. Students and other residents will be able to dispose of unused or expired prescription drugs on an anonymous, “no-questions-asked” basis.
  • Providing college and universities in the state with posters that will address how students can safely dispose of unused and expired prescription drugs.
  • Developing resources to raise awareness at colleges and universities in the state, including a web site and a social media campaign.

We thank and applaud each university for demonstrating such great vision and leadership,” says MAG Foundation President Jack M. Chapman Jr., M.D. “This is the kind of action and resources we need to begin to turn the tide on the prescription drug abuse epidemic in Georgia.”

Dr. Chapman explains that the MAG Foundation has already 1) funded drug drop boxes at Armstrong University, Kennesaw State and the University of Georgia in Athens and 2) distributed more than one million educational leaflets at pharmacies in the state and 3) delivered its messages at more than 50 town halls and 20 physician education events.

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The drop boxes are located in the campus police departments. Contact the applicable campus police department for additional information.

Click here for Georgia State flyers

Click here for KSU flyer

Click here for Morehouse flyer

Click here for West Georgia flyer

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